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Welcome to the Office of the Superintendent at Coquille School District.

Tim Sweeney


Brenda Goble

Board Secretary/Winter Lakes

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District Psychologist

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Maintenance Coordinator

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Coquille School District Safety Committee

•  The Workers' Compensation Reform Bill passed by the Oregon Legislature in 1990, mandated that employers establish workplace safety committees. The committees are to address both occupation safety and health issues. The legislation was passed to make Oregon a safer, healthier place to work by reducing workplace accidents.

• The purpose is to bring workers and management together in a non-adversarial, cooperative effort to promote safety and health in each workplace. A safety committee helps the employer and makes recommendations for change regarding occupational safety and health issues.

•  The committee shall be composed of an equal number of employer and employee representatives. Employee representatives shall be volunteers or shall be elected by their peers. When agreed upon by workers and management, the number of employees on the committee may be greater than the number of employer representatives.  The committee will consist of no fewer than four members. Reasonable efforts shall be made to ensure that members are representative of the major work activities of the firm.  Committee representatives shall serve a continuous term of at least one (1) year.

•  Develop a written agenda for conducting safety committee meetings. Hold regular meeting at least once a month except months when quarterly workplace safety inspections are made.

•  Minutes shall be made of each meeting which the employer shall review and maintain for three years for inspection by the division. Copies shall be posted or made available for all employees and shall be sent to each committee member.  All reports, evaluations, and recommendations of the safety committee shall be made part of the minutes of the safety committee meeting.  A reasonable time limit shall be established for the employer to respond in writing to all safety committee recommendations.

•  The committee shall establish a system to allow the members to obtain safety-related suggestions, reports of hazards, or other information directly from all persons involved in the operations of the workplace.  The information obtained shall be reviewed at the next safety committee meeting and shall be recorded in the minutes for review and necessary action by the employer.

•  The committee shall assist the employer in evaluating the employer's accident and illness prevention program and shall make written recommendations to improve the program where applicable. The committee shall establish procedures for workplace inspections by the safety committee inspection team who will conduct workplace inspections at least quarterly. The committee shall recommend to the employer how to eliminate hazards and unsafe work practices

•  The committee shall establish procedures for the review of all safety and health inspection reports made by the committee. Based on the results of the review, the committee shall make recommendations for improvement of the employer's accident and illness prevention program.

•  The committee shall establish procedures for investigating all safety-related incidents including injury accidents, illnesses and deaths.


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